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Gemsbok , hiding from the sun at 9h00  Black-back Jackal in the Kgalagadi National Park  A Kori bustard - the heaviest flying bird in the world, preferring to walk and requires a run before taking off.
     A pretty little cape fox. The only true fox in SA, it weighs up to 3kg and eats beetles, termites, small rodents and lizards. Seen here catching insects caught in the spot-light  A restored farmhouse at the Auchterleonie waterhole. These people farmed goats A beige bloop in the riverbed unfolded into a beautiful leopard who posed so nicely for us.
 The little blob at 7oclock to the lamp is a  Barking Geko  feasting on the insects attracted by the lamp, close-up on the right.   A close-up of the Barking Gecko. These tiny little creatures produce an amazing sound that is supposed to amplified by the funnel-shape burrow. they bark from.        A Black-backed Jackal
    Ben and a chum - a ground squirrel in camp      Sociable Weavers looking for food. They  gathered in a large flock around our feet and looked up so sweetly.   Sociable Weavers nest
an eagle on is nest, it kept hiding so we could not ID it  A Sand lizard. This species have a tail longer than their body and lift alternate feet up off the hot sand to cool them On the way home
Close-up of the white bushes in the previous picture   Sun-rise at Barberspan. Ben was also invited to get up at 5h00 for the sunrise; which he did and then went straight back to bed for another three hours.


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