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Just in Namaqua land, very arid A typical farm house, they are about 50Km apart
Approaching springbok, the black koppies are manganese ore Drosanthemum hispidum, the first flowers we saw in Namaqua land Drosanthemum hispidum - A spreading, perennial succulent palatable to stock
Moraea serpentina.-  A deciduous perennial growing up to 20 cm high with a corm Goegap Nature Reserve Traditional Namakwa huts that can be hired. They contain a bed only.  These were in the caravan park at Springbok.
Gazania lichensteinii - Butterbloom

An annual growing up to 20cm high

Galenia meziana - A yellow-green, flat-growing shrub with cream to pink flowers Oxalis species - could not find it in my book

A deciduous perennial flower growing from a bulb

The Aloe garden in Goegap Nature Reserve Goegap Nature Reserve, the grey is a mine dump from a old lead mine Goegap Nature Reserve
Leipoldtia schultzei - a multi-branched,m succulent shrub growing up to 40cm high Ruschia robusta - an erect succulent growing up to 1mt high. The pink-purple flowers are borne singly on short branches along the main stems Me and my book trying to ID flowers in Goegap Nature Reserve
Goegap Nature Reserve - the orange is a carpet of flowers Euphorbia mauritanica?? A spineless succulent that produces a poisonous milky sap when injured  

A strange patch of Crassula natans, natans - found along the road to Concordia

Crassula natans, natans - a red annual growing 1-5 cm high, found in moist depressions or standing water. Galenia sarcophylla

A grey prostrate shrub growing up to 40cm. 

The leaves are covered with minute grey hairs

Aptosimum spinescens - a spiny shrub growing up to 30cm high. The flowers are purple, dark blue or occasionally white.

Ruschia robusta

Cheiridopsis denticulata - A perennial succulent growing up to 15cm high with grey-green triangular shaped leaves and white flowers. Stock eat the flowers

Aridaria species - the four petal flowers are unusual

The Namaqua National Park with a few flowers still around Leipoldtia schultzei The Namaqua National Park - the flowers had finished here
Taking a looooong shot   Wilborgia monoptera - Found on the rocky slopes this multi-branched shrub grows up to 1mt high and had yellow 'pea' like flowers
Wahlenbergia prostrata - An annual, spreading flower found in sandy places Buffels river between Wildeperdehoek pass and Messelpad pass The roadside flowers near Concordia
Bag-worms on the road to Concordia The koppie with beautiful big Quiver trees The Orbicule Koppie at Concordia. The best example of this rare rock texture, which came from the granitoid magmas separating whilst in a fluid state.
One granite type formed ovoid 'orbs' showing concentric internal bands within a ground mass of slightly different composition Conicosia elongata - A deciduous perennial succulent with a large underground tuber enjoyed b y porcupine. Codon royenii - An erect perennial growing up to 1mt high and covered all over with white spines. The white flowers contain a sweet nectar favoured by children
Aptosimum indivisum - A small rounded shrub growing up to 5cm high. The flowers are purple to blue. Found in sandy places and palatable to stock On the road to Concordia Bright orange Arctotis undulata plus

Colpias mollis??????????????


A lone quiver tree on it's mountain top A completely unknown Aizoaceae On the road to Concordia
Cheiridopsis denticulata A beautiful gemsbok in the Goegap nature reserve The Goegap nature reserve - the grin says it all
A scrophula?????????????????????? On the road to Concordia Gazania lichensteinii - butterbloom
Gorteria diffusa - beetle daisy found on the roadside. The flower has 'beetle' like marks on alternate petals The Namakwa National Park Plagued by flies attracted by carbon dioxide which were repelled for a short while by wearing Pepper tree leaves that gave off a pungent peppery smell.
On the road to Concordia
On the road to Concordia
On the road to Concordia
On the road to Concordia

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