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Wild dogs in the boma. We were allowed inside to get better pictures. Hippo's on the bank of Ruighoek Dam A beautiful cheetah, simply walking along the road early in the morning.
We had a beautiful, good look while he checked us over for a possible breakfast Low cloud over Mankwe Dam We were able to identify this young bull for Ben, his name is Rookie and he has a deep v shape on his other ear. As elephants grow they tear the edges of their ears giving an easy method of identification
White rhino cow and calf. The calf is about 3 months old Howzit mama. Rhino have their ears clipped for identification. Each v-shaped clip is a number and the total gives that rhino's id. The Pilanesberg Centre..........still in business after a fire destroyed the building
What is left of the building that is a national monument All the wooden bits - window frames, floors, roof beams and doors were incinerated   The hippo capture team and boma at    Batlhako Dam
  Three little (cold) lesser-striped swallows at Batlhako Dam close to the hide 'window'      Batlhako Dam from the hide             The capture team stayed in this tent with TV screens monitoring the IR  cameras in the trap.
     Loading a hippo - there were 5 hippos removed, one in each container  


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