On a very special day in December 2008 the marriage of the youngest daughter of a very dear friend of mine took place near Malelane, Mpumalanga...... Bridget and Andy Gibson came from Zimbabwe to settle in Vaal Park as their oldest kids were in the same school classes as mine a friendship developed with the families.... Bridget and Andy decided to move to Ngodwana in Mpumalanga after a few years but Bridget and I kept in contact for many years until someone got to lazy, even though Bridge still maintained Christmas letters even when they moved to Australia two years ago.......... now it's email and someone is not going to back-slide again. Bridget's son's Leslie and Rockie were Jolyon's friends and my Cubs, whilst Heidie was Fleur's friend
Mee... Bridget and Kay Gibson, Andy mother a wonderful senior citizen who had been known to go down super-tubes A very proud dad, Andy with truly beautiful daughter Stacie The ceremony..... "My dad's got more hair than my husband" Brenden and Stacie
The three bridesmaids and the flower girl, from left to right.... Heidie, Katie who are Stacies sisters, Charleen Stacie's niece and Bredens sister "With this ring I thee...... " A careful warning that could have applied to the pond or some of the guests........... who knows
Music-man on the far left.... with other guests, some just don't get this dress code thing! I had got myself one..... his dad said I could keep him, young Derrick Wright, Rockie's son, but his mother seemed to want him back The happy couple...........
Rockies eldest son who did a magnificent job as page-boy carrying the rings and is now sorting the petals into colours I found another one,  Leslie's youngest daughter Charlise, but grandma and great-grandma seem to think they have first choice Paige smiling so beautifully at her aunt Katie........ Paige is Heidie's little girl
Three daughters and their aunt Ouma and Oupa Father and daughter - "Dad does have more hair"
Katie and youngest sons François Paige, Katie and Tracy - Bridget's sister Aunt Tracy who was a wonderful companion and very hard worker at the wedding.
Happy guests Replete from the wedding feast and it's multitude of divine pud's. Bridget's eldest grandchild sits on her knee See what I mean..... great-grandma Kay living it up with the newest grandson.... watched by Katie and her husband.