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Ostriches and giraffe Camp site, note the abundance of grass, Geoff and Chris in normal state Rachel has rope in her hands threatening to tie Sue to her chair.
Flowers in the Nossob river Looking over the river into Botswana
  More Gemsbok
Black backed Jackal Not a good photo but a very rare sighting of 3 African wild cats
More giraffe Two hartebeests fighting Goshawk

180 dune view
Ostrich & chicks Unions end where Namibia, Botswana and South Africa meet Namaquwa dove
Ostrich having a sand bath These posts mark the border between SA and Botswana
Vultures on a Wildebeest killed by lion, Christine wanted to know if it was still alive! We saw lots of lion spoor, and heard them but saw none
Social weaver nest Bushman village

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