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On the way here we missed a turning, Geoff was navigating and did not notice that we were travelling in the wrong direction for an hour, so we were two hours late arriving. We had dinner in the restaurant and then set up camp in the dark after a 1070Km trip.
Black headed sheep are farmed here - 1 sheep per acre

Social weaver nests

You can just make it out flying upside down in to the nest The nests sometimes fall down taking the telephone lines with them Dassies at the falls
A row of baby Dassies The falls, in the floods of 88 the water was coming over the rocks above Rachel's head. The walk way around the falls
  Irrigated grapes are grown in the region and it is the largest area of grapes in the world, they are mostly dried for raisins but some wine is also produced, including that orange river sherry.  



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