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Ficksburg camp site - note the crowds! Katse Dam, part of an enormous water scheme to bring the wet stuff to SA The craft shop, I have a bright red beanie now, The ladies behind the counter were very impressed with Rachel's poncho
Going to buy blankets, there was an enormous police presence at this little shopping area One of the 'shops/restaurants' along the road to the border post at Maputsoe. All tin shacks some actually sold clothing others vegetables.
A typical street in downtown Lesotho Locals near the border post This guy had a magnificent array of walking sticks - actually they are traditional weapons.
The border, actually a bridge over the river Caledon. The people walking have 6 month visas to work in SA One of the beautiful old sandstone buildings in Ficksburg. The town is 100years old this year and some of the streets are extremely wide - wide enough to turn an ox wagon round,  4 lane highways. The north outlet in SA, one of the tunnel pipes, now used as part of the display and a memorial to 3 men who died during construction
The outlet water flowing into SA    

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