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22nd July 2005

The garden setting Rachel Rogers Rachel and Tom Rogers The God Mother
Peter Rogers Geoffrey Rogers - wonder what he's been drinking? The Rogers' and the Neytzell-de Wildes' Flowers
More flowers The first cake Eish! Not a morning thing The minister and Alan waiting anxiously on the 22nd July 2005
The dress Three monkeys. Annette was bridesmaid at the ceremony Luckily the bottle was still closed - couldn't risk spillage.
  Ready - take one Reflections!!!!!!! Ready - take two
Ready at last The entrance, da,da,de, da Dad and daughter on the way Giving my daughter away I promise, to do my best, oops not that one
  His promises His ring Her ring
JD wants to join in. OK Mr & Mrs A Jackson Fleur signing the register Alan signing the register


  Confetti - wheeeeee Not mine anymore Star Jasmine in flower

Hugs all round

Confetti - wheeeee 

Hi hubby 
  Hi wifie Fleur and Jolyon This is real 

  Annette, Fleur, Alan and Darryl Tania and Ma Tanya Dutton

Tom takes the saying 'a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush', a step further.

Cake no. 1 Cutting the cake on the 22nd July 2005 Force feeding in progress

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