23rd July 2005


Tom and Elaine Rogers Peter Rogers Christine Rogers

Vera Dad Rogers Mum and Elaine Geoffrey Rogers
Another asshole
'Poppet' otherwise known as Rachel Rogers Me and my pal - bending my ear Relaxed for a while Peter and Elaine Rogers
  Tania and Vera Ma, Christine and Mum Tom and Poppet
Terry & the boss Toasting the company on  23rd July 2005 The Jacksons The Rogers'
  The Neytzell-de Wilde's Alan and Fleur Three happy monkeys
Hairdo on the All the cousins Andrea and Darren
  Ma Neytzell-de Wilde Vera Willemse Tania Willemse
Darryl Lee-Anne Opening presents on the Two monkeys
  Thanking the donor OOOOO what's that Antoinette Simmons
The boss It's mine, no it's mine OOOOOOOOOOO this is fun Rachel and Nana Rogers
Trouble Geoffrey Rogers Antionette, Ma, Me, Rachel and Mum The company
Cake No.2
  At the Mushrrom rock Hey watchit OK
  Lee-ann, Fleur, Alan and Darryl Nana, Fleur, Alan and Bronwyn Me, Fleur, Alan and Frank
Two boys and a girl Grandma, Fleur and Alan Al, Ma, Fleur and Alan
  Vera, Tania and Ma - three generations of Neytzell-de Wilde women Confetti, wheeeeeee Confetti revenge
Eish, it is over. This is serious Grandmas Jackson,  Rogers and Neytzell-de Wilde, plus Granddad Rogers
  I still love my daddy Welcoming Fruit cake to the family Bronwyn
  Andrea Tasker    Chief mischief Ok, lets relax now
  Jolyon Neytzell-de Wilde "I tell you I don't like fruit cake", "shut up and eat" I like this place
The Entrance  Darryl blessing the rings Too much for one Granddad Renewing vows
Renewing vows OK, NOW are we married?
The venue  

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