Jolyon in action - "Now we need!!!!!" To wipe the rear nicely clean Apply the nappy - Joshua surrenders to this action All safely fastened up
Now for a drop of the good stuff Dad's quite good at this While grandma watches anxiously "Hey dad"......... "Yes son"
Holding Grandpa Frank's thumb and Grandma' Sue's finger Chatting with ma, Sune That needs folding this way and this tucks down there....... instructions from Ouma Theresa
Proud parents - Jolyon and Sune OK, bath time ............ "I don't wanna be clean".... There, there poppet Theresa suggested Sune bath Joshua wrapped in a small cloth to keep him warm and reduce stress at bath time. After three bath it appears to work.
Grub AGAIN and AGAIN Windy time Chatting with Oupa Reg.
While Ouma Theresa watches anxiously and AGAIN Baby-sitting Still in charge, until......
M'lord wakes with a wet nappy Papparatzi - eish The swwweeeetest.......  



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