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Tree squirrel,  Paraxerus cepapi Wild hibiscus 300mm of rain, two dam walls washed away One sick old lion.
  Buffalo weaver nests on all the power pylons. Painted puppies. they have learnt that when the game drive vehicles find them there is no chance of a kill so they go to sleep.
It looks like an island in the sea This bird brain kept flying into our front window.
An incredibly rocky hill Lioness on Kudu kill. Sleepy boys ate first
Pale chanting goshawk Elephants at the water hole at the lodge

They are taking turns drinking from the fresh water inlet.

Madam and one of the dogs that Jolyon looks after.


A big boy arrives and the other two leave. Hundreds of weaver nests Beautiful Kudu bull in the last rays of the sun A family affair

Old fella

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Humans are the creatures in this world who cut the trees, make paper from them - then write on it ''save the trees''
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