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Sandstone formations around the camp. This little fella some how got into the cottage and chowed some of the pawpaw we had, spitting out the skin. Baobabs every where. the one on the right is probably about 1000 years old.
I drove her for 7 hours, but she collapses, with a whisky at her side. Figs in the rocks all over Voortrekker monument The museum
The sloping hill in the middle is Mapungubwe hill where the king lived. Top of the hill there id a dolomite dyke, being harder than the sand stone it sticks out like a wall Klipspringer Treetop walk.
 Mapungubwe hill Cedric, our guide, describing the game of Moruba, or Mofuvha. the holes of which were carved into the rock by the ancient "Mapungubwians"; the game is still played today all over Africa This elly, in must, was waiting for us at the bottom, got Cedric in a twitch, maybe because he had left the pellets for his rifle in the truck!

There were lots of them in the park one of the staff told us "they came over from Botswana yesterday"


Nearly dry Limpopo river with Botswana on the other side. The confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers. Zimbabwe on the right and Botswana on the left. Can't go any further north in SA. There was a large area in Musina that was full of these large impala lilies (Adenium multiflorum), quite a  stunning site.


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