On the way to Sobhengu you pass through fields and fields of lovely queen pineapples. Zululand produces most of the eating pineapples for SA. These plants may look as though they have been harvested but look carefully betweeeen the leaves......... Market day in the nearest village to Soghengu.......a zillion peoples and stalls selling fruit, vegetables, shoes, clothing or plastic containers of all description. Some enterprising vendors were cooking and selling food but everything was set out neatly on plastic sheets on the ground displayed for sale. Trying to drive through the crowds was a bit dicey.
A zulu traffic jam........... cattle like these were all over the road all the time.....plus the odd chicken or goat. This very handsome creature has some Nguni blood. The  Nguni strain of cattle are the original cattle found in Zululand........Chaka used the hide of these cattle to make shields for his army, each regiment having it's own colour combination. The road to Sobhengu Lodge on the Nibela Peninsula of Lake St. Lucia......... a good dirt road for the most part. During the rain the hollows filled with rain that scattered pedestrians walking beside the road when cars passed. A small dam filled with reeds, surrounded by indigenous forest. The road was a high bank on one side of this dam.
Sideroxylon inerme - White Milkwood. a beautiful big specimen on the road to our house in Sobhengu lodge.  Three specimens have been proclaimed National monuments - the Post Office tree in Mossel Bay thought to be 600 years old. The Treaty tree in Cape Town and the 'Fingo Milkwood. The white milkwood has very unusual bark; it is almost rectangular with one side raised like shingles on a house. In the high branches were some indigenous orchids. The road doesn't disappear, merely goes down a rather steep gully.
Our unit in Soghengu....... showing the entrance with one of the four bedrooms on the left..... the stairs go up to the living area.... behind the reed wall is the braai and picnic area. The front decking, two more bedrooms are down the steps to the right.

The main walls are all glass with wood frames and a thatch roof..... fire-extinguishers are all over the place.

The rooms were large and luxurious, with excellent views of the forest or lake, yet completely private.

Inside from the entrance..... the kitchen is up stairs on the right. The place caters for eight people The stairs and decking of our bedroom

A beautiful orchid in a pot near the entrance.... yellow flowers with green foliage, I think it is Ansellia gigantea - although gigantic is isn't Cocktail Ants-Cremotogaster peringueyi. These ant build nests in trees composed of vegetable fibres glued with saliva. Workers tend aphids for honeydew. The surface of the nest showing ants on the surface and the bushes branches through the carton nest.

All roads lead to Rome........ in this case all walk-ways lead to the bar!!!!!

One of the two swimming pools that over look the lake....... swimming in the lake could be a problem as the crocs and hippos think it's their domain

Near Sobhengu Lodge is Nibela Lodge....... this is a fully catered place whilst Sobhengu is self-catering. This walkway is high in the trees and leads to each room and the reception for both lodges A Nibela room, each one overlooking the lake and furnished with an air-conditioner......... we had ceiling-fans. The Lake St. Lucia shore. On the right the first thatch roof is the swimming pool lapa, the second is our little housie and the third thatch roof is the nearest neighbours.
Here come de sun Full stretch - and Sue is fast asleep! and blanked out by clouds again The view from the decking outside the living area.
Day two, de sun try agin' Almost there Made it- and Sue is fast asleep! Gone again - de day dun gone
A Bunaea alcinoe- Common or Cabbage Tree emperor moth found at the Hluhluwe shopping centre A Argema mimosae-Lunar or Moon moth found at the Lodge reception. A Graphium policenes-Small striped Swordtail seen around the Tembe Elephant Park, but this specimen was caught in the Jeep's front grill. Residential Geko's - one of three that chased insects around the living area of our unit. When two met a tail-swishing barking match ensued.

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