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The Honey badger or ratel is a tenacious small carnivore that has a reputation for being, pound for pound, Africa's most fearless animal despite its small size. It is even listed as the "most fearless animal in the world" in the 2002 Guinness Book of Records.
Teresa introduces us to Badge who comes from "Free Me". What's up here. He loves toes, any flesh will do though.
  They have a good reverse gear to get them out of trouble. Objecting to having its feet examined.
He's not really cross, he just wants to get his teeth on Sue's hand.   Straight for Jo's toes.
He's very tenacious.
Sue gets to close and Badge goes for her toes, she's curled them up to protect them. Tired of that she picks him up, his skin is extremely loose so most animals attacking him only get a mouthful of skin and he can twist around in his skin and bite them. Walking with a handful of wiggling teeth and claws
Sue gives up Badge is given his comforter and off he goes, Teresa had to go fetch him
The guys could not find lion, on the way to Kimberly we found lions on the fence

  Taken threw the fence.  
Badge at FreeMe - photos from Nicci Wright




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