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At a lion sighting! They all popped back in as soon as they saw me.

This one claimed to be using a 'turning circle' on Motlobo, but was actually 'snapped' by another visitor, off road, taking a turn around a lion kill. He was later found and escorted out of the park.

At mushroom rock, we turn around and there are two cyclists clambering over the rocks. They didn't see the no entry sign!

Double trouble They didn't know she was out!
This jeep jockey kept on coming even after the young female mock charged him, he had people sticking out of his vehicle all over the show - much worse than in the photos.  
These 4 photos where sent to me from my email address on our web site.

Hi Frank
Hope you and Sue are well. Thought you might be interested in these rouge photos I took over the Christmas period. One was a supposed leopard sighting and the others at the wallow on Kubu.

Commentary about photo No. 2

I caught this guy at a waterhole where a hippo bull had taken up residence.
I had never seen hippo in there before so it could be a young bull looking for his own space. This clever bloke was standing right on the waters edge about 15m from the animal but by the time I got the camera out he was on his way back to the car. His wife opened the car door and let the child out who then ran to his dad. He didn't like the fact that we were taking pictures of him and got back into his car.

Thanks very much to John Lawrence

10th June 2005 11th June 2005
    "Oh bloody hell not a fine" - wish we could!
A cheetah got its self a female waterbuck for breakfast, but a brown hyena chased it off, but the word was out that there was a cheetah kill and the crowds came. Many still convinced that they could see the cheetah, but it was long gone.
Two unpleasant types, first told off for speeding, then this. Nearly booted them out of the park because of their bad attitude. Tasty morsel for a cheetah. What all the fuss was about.
I took this photo at a small water hole, just after lunch.
The driver stopped next to me, got out and stood in front of his vehicle to take photos. He then moved along the waterhole with this lady still hanging out.
Pieter Kruger





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