Wild life seen on the beach  

A cow sunbathing..... later in the day she got up for a paddle before going home in time for milking. Bullia digitalis or plough snails ------ these scavengers simply pop out of the sand as the sea goes away to home-in on anything dead and edible The path up the cliff side, very steep with the sea an intimidating presence on one side. These Gautengers don't have a clue about fishing in the sea...... our neighbour and an inland fisherman....... they can use multiple rods and go any time. At the sea the fish only like being caught early in the morning or late afternoon

Gauteng-a-ling, Gauteng-a-ling, a-fishing, Waiting for the tide to bring the fish to him.

The ever vigilant life guards. Some people have never heard of telephoto lenses. The ever vigilant life guards.


This obviously does not apply to the locals.



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