Wild Coast


Frank D Neytzell-de Wilde

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View from our Flat What Sue, Tom and Ratch never saw Manaba beach
Building up courage  to face those monster waves.   Rachel's down Tom's down
Going down again. Rachel's learning to jump over the waves  
Triumphant return.    
Path threw the bush to the beach from the flat. On the way to the fossilised forest. The mounted security guards horse.
Ledges of fossilised shells Sue pointing out the whales and dolphins. Fossilised shells in the ledges
Inspecting a cave under the ledge What they were inspecting, the hole left by a fossilised palm tree. Rachel has a friend for life, after feeding him a humbug.  
Fossilised tree trunks    
Cormorants riding there fossilised trunk The wood Ratch collecting shells in the tidal pools, unfortunately they had hermit crabs in them and started walking off her bed. Close up showing the worm holes in the wood

Baby croc at Croc World


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