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A panoramic view of Jo's village from his front door. Showing an open window on the far left and his neighbours 'garden' on the right she has a little dog hence the fence The white dots in the middle is Jo's little village
Some of the cutest wildlife around, ground squirrels at their den behind Jo's house Another neighbour And yet another neighbour, this Acacia Pied Barbet has a nest in the hole
Jo's housie, it is basically a bed-sit with separate bathroom. Lots of barking gecko's holes and even more scorpions.
The seed-pod from a devil's thorn plant stood on it's side looks like something really grotesque or artistic - whatever it's interesting This horse had been ridden and was now being groomed by the boy, Jo; forgotten his name but this horse had been abused and didn't like his face touched Social weavers come to glean the spilled horses food.
A panting social weaver or a 'hot date' depending on your view Sweet little duiker passing the horses paddock A family of warthogs had discovered paradise...... plenty of water, food and a gorgeous wallow once the tall horsey things had gone.
Improving and assembling the donkey cart Harness inspection on Don Juan, Spanish donkey of note Pedro on the left, Elmarie in the middle, Don Juan  and then Jo on the right sort out which is which yourselves.
First attempt, straight into a bush. "now what's wrong with the steering" Off we gallop, those donkeys can put on quite a pace. The steering goes wrong again and we head off the road straight for the junior staff quarters at full gallop....... watch out for the washing fellas
More adjustments at the work shop, Don Juan is upset by Jo's bad vibes while Pedro stands calmly being soothed by Sue chatting to him, Annemarie was amazed that Sue could stroke him on the face.

Sue de Wilde - Donkey-whisperer

Off we go again - correctly this time We actually went there.... there is one supermarket, one butchery, one bank...... you know the stories the horse is at Tswalu
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